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Football Mud and Leather Balm Prep Kit

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The perfect starter kit to prep your football. This kit includes one 8oz container of our football mud blend and one 3oz stick of our proprietary leather balm. The balm helps to enrich and condition your leather while the mud increases grip and moisture control for a variety of playing climates. 

Regular price of each is $49.99, the kit offers a $20 savings!

Use instructions are as follows:

Start with leather balm:

  1. Uncap stick and apply balm to football panels in even, smooth strokes
  2. Using a brush, blend in balm until leather appears darker
  3. Apply light heat until wax is absorbed into leather
  4. Allow to sit for 30min – 1 hr

Next, use the football mud blend:

  1. Wear gloves while using mud
  2. Before each use add about a tablespoon of water and mix thoroughly (some separation is normal so be sure to mix very well)
  3. After using leather balm and allowing it to dry, apply a thin, even layer of mud to each panel of the football
  4. Allow mud to dry completely, at least 3-4 hours
  5. Using a stiff bristle brush, remove the dried mud completely from the football by brushing in short, quick strokes

Mud Blend: 8oz

Stick: 2.75oz

Usage: approx 24 footballs

For orders of 6+ for teams/leagues, please reach out directly to