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Leather Balm Tin

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Condition and enrich your leather football by applying our one-of-a-kind leather balm prior to applying mud in the prep process.

Specifically formulated for leather footballs, our balm will condition your leather and assist in the absorption and brushing during the mud application step.

Estimated usage - 54 footballs

Use Instructions:

Please utilize the following steps when applying the balm:

  1. Using a brush or rag, apply thin layer of balm to each panel
  2. Brush in until leather appears darker
  3. Apply light heat until wax is absorbed into leather
  4. Allow to sit for 30min – 1 hr
  5. Apply football mud, allow to dry and brush off
  6. Store brush in an airtight container and ensure wax is covered

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Size: 8oz

For use only on leather footballs

For orders of 6+ for teams/leagues, please reach out directly to