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Prep Upkeep Kit

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Now that your football is prepped to perfection, keep it that way with our Prep Upkeep Kit. Including 1 football brush and 1 bottle of our Tack Conditioner, use the brush regularly and apply a light layer of conditioner about once a month to keep your leather hydrated and tacky.

Football Brush:

Gridiron Equipment's thoughtfully designed football brush features a sturdy wood block handle sized for easier grip while brushing. This brush utilizes synthetic nylon bristles with enough stiffness to remove mud and bring out the tack in your football without damaging the leather. 

Use this brush during all steps of the prep process and throughout the season to keep the leather looking and feeling great.

Tack Conditioner:

Gridiron Equipment's proprietary Football Tack Conditioner is the perfect product to keep your football moisturized, maintain grip and extend the life of your football. Our conditioner can be used as a way to refresh your used football throughout the season or as a step in the prep process. Gridiron Equipment Tack Conditioner utilizes ingredients specialized to hydrate the leather while also adding a tack component. 

  1. Ensuring football is dry and all debris is removed, apply a small, quarter-sized amount of tack conditioner on a dry rag or cloth
  2. Using the rag, smoothly apply the tack conditioner to each panel of the football
  3. If needed, reapply tack conditioner to your rag to ensure each panel is evenly coated
  4. Allow to dry for 30 minutes
  5. Lightly brush your football
  6. Repeat monthly throughout the season